Lab: Salinity & Density Inflows | Ms. Laura Branch

Salinity Lab

Purpose:  To see how salinity affects water. 
                  To learn about hypopycnal, homopycnal, & hyperpycnal inflow.



4 cups w/ colored water in them
clear straw



·       Based on the salinities of the four different waters, get all four colors in the straw at once.  This will be done by trial and error in order to figure out the densities & salinities of each water.

·       Explain the differences between each inflow, including information on what these words mean & how they effect different water environments, i.e. waters in rivers, oceans, estuaries, etc. Give a real world example of each inflow that was NOT used in class.  Drawings of each type of environment are expected in addition to a picture on what the straw with all four colors

·       Explain why estuaries are considered to be like the kidneys of an ecosystem.   How do estuaries clean up aquatic environments of nitrates and phosphates?  

·       Remember to cite all references.

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