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Study Guide—Astronomy Exam


1)    Compare the ages of the Sun and the planets.  How old are each?


2)    What percentage of the solar nebula became the Sun?


3)    What happens during nuclear fusion?  At what temperature does fusion begin?  Where does fusion occur?


4)    What percentage of hydrogen & helium make up the Sun?


5)    What is the asteroid belt?  Where is it located?


6)    What is the difference between a meteor, meteoroid & a meteorite?


7)    What are comets made up of?


8)    What direction does the comet’s tail point?


9)    What is the Oort cloud & where is it located?


10)What are the 3 types of galaxies?


11)What is thought to be in the middle of a galaxy?


12)What is the name of the galaxy we live in?  What type of galaxy is it?  What are the dimensions of it?


13)How many galaxies are there in the universe?


14)What is the big bang theory?


15)What is the approximate age of our universe?  The solar system?


16)How do scientists think irregular galaxies were formed?


17)What determines whether a star will become a white dwarf, a neutron star or a black hole?


18)What causes meteor showers at the same time each year?


19)How many days does it take for the Earth to revolve once around the sun?
















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