Gold Worksheet for Astronomy Unit | Ms. Laura Branch

Part 3.  Earth/Moon Formation (chapter 27 & 28)




  1. Explain the three sources of heat that contributed to the high temperature of the newly formed Earth.  (pg 688)




2.  What is the process of differentiation?




3.  What elements make up the Earth’s core?




  1. Why is the core of the Earth more dense than the crust?  What does this have to do with differentiation?




  1. How do scientists know the inner core is solid and the outer core is liquid?  (pg. 298)




  1. What is a crater?  (pg. 720)




  1. How is a crater formed?




  1. How does the composition of Moon rocks compare to the composition of the rocks found on Earth?




  1. How do scientists know about the interior layering of the moon?




  1. How is the interior layering of the moon similar to that of the Earth?  Different?




  1. What is the most accepted theory for the formation of the Moon?
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