Unit 3--Astronomy | Ms. Laura Branch

PPT:  Planets of the Solar System (For Distances of the Solar System Lab)
PPT Notes:  Stellar Evolution
PPT:  Earth’s Atmosphere Over Time (For Pink Worksheet)
 PPT:  Nebular Theory (For Pink Worksheet & Gold Worksheet)
 PPT:  The Sun (For Yellow Worksheet)
 PPT:  H-R Diagrams
PPT:  Asteroids & Meteors (For Green Worksheet)
PPT:  Galaxies (For Blue Worksheet)
PPT:  Astronomy Overview (For Purple Worksheet)


Homework:  Constellation & Myth (Typed) is due tomorrow, beginning of the period!
     *Paragraph 1:  What is your tribal name and tell about 
     *Paragraph 2:  What is your constellation name and why did you choose it?
     *Paragraph 3:  What is the myth that goes with your constellation.  (Make it up!  It's fictional!)
Lab:  Making an Alien (Writing to be done as homework!)
Lab:  Distances of the Solar System
Project:  Stellar Evolution Project
Astronomy:  Pink Worksheet (Atmosphere & Formation of the Solar System)
Astronomy:   Gold Worksheet—Earth/Moon Formation (Chapter 27 & 28)
Astronomy:  Yellow Worksheet—The Sun
Lab:  H-R Diagram
Astronomy:  Green Worksheet--Asteroids, Meteors & Comets
Astronomy:  Blue Worksheet—Galaxies
Astronomy:  Purple Worksheet—Big Bang
Assignment:  Astronomy Study Guide
Contact paper guidelines (Typed!)




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