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AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment 2018-2019 

Ms. Laura Branch:  lbranch@smjuhsd.org
Righetti Environmental Science Page:  http://lbranch.bajaru.com

Dear AP Students and Parents:

Welcome to AP Environmental Science!  This is a year long College Board approved course offered to juniors and seniors who wish to learn about the environment and environmental problems around them.  The concepts covered in this course coincide with college level environmental science and prepare students for the College Board AP Environmental Science Exam in May.  As an AP student, you are expected to read and understand concepts on your own, show initiative, work independently and submit quality work at all times.  You are also expected to take the AP Environmental Science exam.


  • Completion of Chemistry (P) with a C or better in both semesters.

About Environmental Science:

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary laboratory science that covers a wide variety of topics included in the study of environmental science.  The following themes provide a foundation for the structure of the AP Environmental Science course:

  1. Science is a process
  2. Energy conversions underlie all ecological processes
  3. The Earth itself is one interconnected system
  4. Humans alter natural systems
  5. Environmental problems have a cultural and social context
  6. Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems

Here’s what you need to do AFTER attending the mandatory lunch meeting during the month of May 2018:

  • Check out the textbook, Environmental Science, Earth as a Living Planet. 8th Edition, at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Print the following assignments from my website:  lbranch.bajaru.com on the summer assignment page.  The following summer assignments are due on the first day of the course in the Fall semester (August 2018):


______Earth’s Atmosphere Cross-Section

______Global Wind Patterns Lab

______Water Use Inventory Lab

______Environmental Disasters

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