Biomes Assignment | Ms. Laura Branch





Assignment:  This project may be done in groups of 3.  Each group will turn in one detailed poster & one paper for part C.

 Part A.

·      Color the given climate map of the world.

·      Use the climate map of the world to SHOW the biomes that would occur along the cross section for your chosen area, creating a poster.  This will show the current biomes.  Include a picture for each biome, either by drawing or printing out pictures.  Label the names of the biomes for each.

·      Explain the type of ecosystem associated with each biome, identifying the keystone species and explaining the interactions among species that are associated with the area. 


·      Show any edge effects that may be relevant.

Part B.

·      Use the same cross section but this time show what the biomes and ecosystems would look like after a 2°C climate change.  Explain what the ecosystem would look like for each biome again.


Part C. 

·      Define and describe the difference between speciation, convergent evolution, evolutionary relay, parallel evolution and punctuated equilibrium.  Given an example of a species that has been affected for each.



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