Review: APES Quiz—Chapter 23, Mining & Fracking | Ms. Laura Branch

Review:  APES Quiz—Chapter 23, Mining & Fracking


1.     What is the definition of rock ore?

2.     What is the definition of mining?

3.     What is the cheapest way of mining?

4.     What is the best type of mining for the environment?  Worst?

5.     What is the best type of mining for the miner?  Worst?

6.     What is the difference placer gold deposits and quartz vein deposits?

7.     Many minerals form economic resources.  Name 4 different ways minerals that are economic resources are formed in nature.

8.     List 3 environmental problems associated with abandoned coal mines.

9.     What is strip mining?  How does it affect the environment?  (abiotic & biotic)

10. What is the RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act) of 1976?  What are the characteristics of hazardous waste associated with it?

11. What is the state mineral of California?  Nevada?

12. What is the state gem of California?

13. What is the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977?

14. What happens during reclamation  of a mined area?

15. When hydraulic fracturing is used, what is extracted?

16. What are the advantages to using nonrenewable resources?

17. What is secondary extraction and why is it used when extracting petroleum?

18. What are the benefits of hydraulic fracturing?

19. What geologic era are we currently living in?  Epoch?

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