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Sustainable Farming Paper….

Writing Assignment:


Write a 3-4 page paper that compares sustainable farming to non-sustainable farming.  Use an example of where sustainable farming has/had existed.  Use an example of where non-sustainable farming has/had existed and the problems that resulted.  How would overgrazing affect biodiversity and soils in an area?  How does this relate to the Tragedy of the Commons?




Write a 3-4 page paper that compares the farming techniques of the Chumash Indians compared to the 1935 Dust Bowl.  Explain how the Chumash Indians lived off the land and whether you think it was sustainable farming or not.  Use examples, where necessary.  When discussing the 1935 Dust Bowl, explain what happened, what caused it, what was done to solve the problem(s) and discuss other places in the world today that are affected by non-sustainable farming.  You may want to relate this to the Tragedy of the Commons and to how overgrazing of cattle can cause desertification & species habitat loss!


**Be sure to include a bibliography for all information you find on the subject whether it be books or the internet!

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