Famine & Malnutrition Page 2--Miracle Berry Pill Lab


Nutritional Requirements & Miracle Berry Pill Lab


Background information:

Healthy diet: 

2500 calories for average male; 2000 calories for average female.
Wheat & rice supply over half of human caloric intake.
Only 8 species of animal protein supply over 90% of world’s needs.
Takes about 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of edible meat.
20% of world’s richest countries consume 80% of world’s meat production.
~90% of grain grown in US is grown for animal feed.
**By consuming grain directly, instead of meat, there’d be much 20-fold increase in amount of calories available & 8-fold increase in amount of protein available.
But…we need amino acids & we get it from the meat we eat in our diet.


Famine & Malnutrition:  ~11 million children die each year from starvation.  850 million people considered malnourished.
Chronic undernourishment & vitamin or mineral deficiencies result in stunted growth, weakness, & increased susceptibility to illness.  Is this the human population reaching the critical capacity?


 Lab:  If you are willing, eat ½ a Miracle Berry Pill.  Try eating both the bitter & sweet foods and taste the difference.  Create a table of all foods & note what you think about the taste of each BEFORE & AFTER eating the pills. 

 Assignment:  In groups of 3, discuss what we should do about the famine & malnutrition of the world.  What are the pros & cons of helping to feed the hungry?  What will this due to human population?  What about ethics & morals?  What do you think the pros & cons of miracle berry pills?  Do you think society should use them to make more plants edible, giving the world population more food?  Explain!




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