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Welcome to my web page! My name is Laura Branch.  I have a bachelor's degreee in geological sciences from San Diego State University and a Master's of Education from UC Santa Barbara.  Teaching and learning new things is my way of life!  Oh, that, and laughter!  Weird things always seem to happen to me.  If you are in one of my classes, I'm sure you've heard some of my very odd stories in life!

I am currently teaching beginning General Science and AP Environmental Science.  Science is everywhere in our lives!  My hope is that those in my classes learn to love science and learn to ask questions of the environment around them!

If you ever have questions, comments or concerns.feel free to email me at:  lbranch@smjuhsd.org

AP Environmental Science
     **APES Summer Assignment!

PPT:  Severe Weather

General Science

PPT:  Planets of the Solar System

California Project:
       **Water Convervation Checklist**
       **PPT:  California Overview

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